lighting the path

The solar chandelier needed new solar lamps. I found such a great deal at Big Lots!, a box of ten for thirty. The chandelier needs a new home, since solar edison bulbs are going up in the pergola and will be bright enough to prevent the chandelier from lighting. I liked the pathway lights so […]

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expanding, day 2:

I defined some edges, started the pathway up to the retaining wall, transplanted more daylilies and a clump of wild garlic. There’s still the wild onion to bring down from the front yard… The open area of mulch has been sown with the zinnia seeds shown below: This weekend has been a major step in […]

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expanding the garden

I made a good starting effort toward reclaiming more of the garden lot last weekend by raking out branches from the back corner before the invasive weeds filled in. Today, I cleared out weeds, broke up the ground, and began terrancing a path up to the retaining wall level. I also started migrating some plants […]

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now with additional seating

During my staycation this week, I’ve been breaking down garden projects into two hour sessions, avoiding the high heat and stopping often to cool off and rehydrate. So far, the biggest impact has been a new seating area near the future okra/asparagus bed. I’m adding solar lights to the umbrella edge. The strands had enough […]

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closing the fence

The fence is ninety-eight percent finished, but it is one hundred percent puppy safe now. Tiger can join us in the garden off-leash. Yesterday, I closed in the gate frames with lattice, mounted the latch, and drilled the driveway for the drop post. Today, I framed out the gates including the top rail, started cutting […]

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garden d’art

Last week, I had a great opportunity to add more furniture to the garden and support local art. A dear friend, Apryl completed and posted for sale the pieces seen below. My husband and I agreed instantly to bring the set home. Apryl and her man, Thom, delivered them this morning, and the set is […]

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lawn care in high heat

This evening was overcast and in the mid-80s for the first time all week. And the only time, with a heat advisory through the weekend. So, I gassed up the Toro and cut the yard. It needed it. For all the drive I have to diminish the lawn and replace it food and flowers, cutting […]

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today’s mini project

Today, I continued work began yesterday: defining borders and future pathways to the firepit. Yesterday’s start: Today’s addition: The garden as a whole is firming up in my head. When I first established the spot for the firepit, I had no idea how the garden would interact with it. With the fence going in, and […]

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