closing the fence

The fence is ninety-eight percent finished, but it is one hundred percent puppy safe now. Tiger can join us in the garden off-leash.

Yesterday, I closed in the gate frames with lattice, mounted the latch, and drilled the driveway for the drop post.

Today, I framed out the gates including the top rail, started cutting the privacy plank, finished trimming out the inside of the lattice panels, trimmed the posts and installed the post-cap lamps, moved the compost spinner down into the garden, and moved the patio table up from the backyard.

Of course, the slab stone benches are still stacked up immediately behind the gates, and the patio set needs a makeover (the plan: black powder-coated frames with red slings).

We have our grilling patio, just four years into the house. Now, we have to fire up the new grill.

One thought on “closing the fence

  1. Well done! What was an empty lot not so long ago has been transformed into a wonderland that produces both sunflowers and vegetables with some great touches like the arbor and fire pit! So obvious that this is a labor of love.

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