fall beds, fall cooking

Today is a chili kind of day, but dinner got started late, because darkness at two-thirty is messed up and tomatoes need to cook down. While the remainder of our green tomato harvest roasted with onion and garlic, I headed outside to tend the fall beds. We’ve already had snow and numerous frosts, so I […]

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the great flower migration

Now that the garden’s fence is built, I need to develop flower beds in front of the fenceline. When we first bought our wabi-sabi cottage, we brought flowers with us from the old house. We also received a generous offer from my father-in-law to transplant any flowers we dug up from his farm. That brought […]

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closing the fence

The fence is ninety-eight percent finished, but it is one hundred percent puppy safe now. Tiger can join us in the garden off-leash. Yesterday, I closed in the gate frames with lattice, mounted the latch, and drilled the driveway for the drop post. Today, I framed out the gates including the top rail, started cutting […]

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back to the garden…

Another week off from work: this time the summer heat has broken, meaning it’s easier to spend more time on garden projects. I spent yesterday morning working on the last gate of the fence project. The cooler weather this week should help me check this item off the list. The bottom of our drive will […]

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quonset hut no. 2

Mental note: half inch PEX piping needs half inch fitting, not three quarter. Meh. The second bed is properly covered. The first covering offered a quick learning curve, so the second structure is sturdy and even. I will have to go back into the first one to add some extra cross braces. The extra bracing […]

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lawn care in high heat

This evening was overcast and in the mid-80s for the first time all week. And the only time, with a heat advisory through the weekend. So, I gassed up the Toro and cut the yard. It needed it. For all the drive I have to diminish the lawn and replace it food and flowers, cutting […]

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rainy day snapshots

I have a long established habit of cropping out the mess. Who doesn’t, right? I have been noticing that doing so with the garden causes confusion in terms of layout/location. So, a break from that: These images cover most of our garden, in its various stages of growth and development, disarray and overgrowth.

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last bit of the day

One last trek out in the heat gave me enough time to fill most of the gaps under the far stretch of fence. Also, I got enough done on the far gate to know how I want to finish them… The open frame will be fit with lattice, and the seams will be capped with […]

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advancing through the heat:

I have an unexpected two-day weekend and Kansas City has its first sunny week in the 90s. Still, advancements are made on the fence, bit by bit. A half hour out, two hours in (while rehydrating), one hour out, two hours in. I cut down most of the posts, and added the post caps. I […]

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