the great flower migration

Now that the garden’s fence is built, I need to develop flower beds in front of the fenceline. When we first bought our wabi-sabi cottage, we brought flowers with us from the old house.

the sideyard and garden from midsummer: the upper sideyard held our early flower beds and will be cleared our for expanded herb and hot pepper beds

We also received a generous offer from my father-in-law to transplant any flowers we dug up from his farm. That brought us numerous bearded iris, surprise lilies, dwarf iris, and blackberry lilies.

All these flower gifts came with or to us prior to owning the extra lot that is now our garden. So, everything went in the side yard (up the hill in the photo above) or in front of the house out of convenience.

Now, they’re going in by design.

this morning’s effort: first garden bed in front of the fence, the bricks are a temporary on-hand border

A few weeks ago, I dug up our daffodil bulbs (originally found dotted across the grass in the side pre-garden). This evening, I starting digging up the surprise lily bulbs. Both flower bulbs have multiplied generously over the four years in their current location.

the north side of the walk-through gate: the red line indicates a matching border to the new bed above; the white line indicates a found rock/concrete chunk/brick organic border to build a two-layer bed

The low flat beds on either side of the arbor will hold rows of dwarf iris, mixed daffodils, coreopsis, and surprise lilies, front to back. The upper bed north of the arbor will likely be filled with bearded iris moved from the front of the house.

These beds will be gradual and well thought out, allowed for major future plans, like a front circle drive and possible drive to the south double-gate…

Slow and steady is absolutely winning this race; what was a weedy dusty lot three and a half years ago is decidedly an established garden!

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