back to the garden…

Another week off from work: this time the summer heat has broken, meaning it’s easier to spend more time on garden projects.

I spent yesterday morning working on the last gate of the fence project. The cooler weather this week should help me check this item off the list.

The bottom of our drive will become our grilling and patio space. For the past four years it has served as the garden’s nursery and compost. The photo above is the most clear and open it has been in that time. It has not been easy clearing it out.

The screen huts are working as planned for the fall beds. We should have an abundance going into winter.

Specific content of the fall beds can be viewed here.

The sunflowers are still absolutely ridiculous and bringing all the polinators to the yard.

The multiple basil varieties went in late this year, but have already grown more than we’ll be able to use.

top to bottom: sweet, purple, and thai basil
purple ruffle basil, and a sage-like plant I cannot find the tag for…

The blackberry lilies have reached the last stage of their summer-long blooming cycle. I collected the seed pods last night.

And from the nursery: new coreopsis varieties rescued from the heat-stressed clearance rack, waiting for their permanent home.

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