rainy day snapshots

I have a long established habit of cropping out the mess. Who doesn’t, right? I have been noticing that doing so with the garden causes confusion in terms of layout/location.

So, a break from that:

immediate left one step out of the screen porch, looking down into the garden. the incomplete section was on today’s to-do list until the rainstorm
the plant holding cell, soon to be our grilling and patio area. the compost barrel needs a new home… the big stone chunks are benches for the firepit.
the center gate and pathway leading to the firepit. I got more pavers placed just prior to the storm.
the firepit, in progress
the remaining lumber piles from the fence project
I think these are terra cotta tomatoes, in giant clumps
the patio arbor. it turns out, there isn’t enough sunlight for squash, but in the future it should be great for cucumbers. also, the watermelon might do just fine here.
an angle shot from the screen porch, down into the back beds. the original garden, already overgrown. most of the flowers will eventually move down into the lot, in front of the fence. this is prime real estate with full morning and midday sun.
this is a straight shot coming out of the screen porch

These images cover most of our garden, in its various stages of growth and development, disarray and overgrowth.

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