now with additional seating

During my staycation this week, I’ve been breaking down garden projects into two hour sessions, avoiding the high heat and stopping often to cool off and rehydrate.

So far, the biggest impact has been a new seating area near the future okra/asparagus bed.

I’m adding solar lights to the umbrella edge. The strands had enough lead to let me zip-tie the solar pack to a spine with the cell sticking out of the center vent. (the cell can be seen in the last image of this post.)

I’m using a blanket stitch with red embroidery floss to attach the strand to the edge. The turquoise/red color contrast will be repeating throughout the garden on furniture and various fencing/art details.

I am using on-hand cotton floss, so I expect a shorter lifespan then I could get with synthetic fiber. Likely after a couple summers, I’ll want to stencil the umbrella cover to spruce up the color. I’ll make an opportunity to replace the floss then. I am okay with experiments in my life and the garden. I am making this all up as I go…

The blanket stitch seems to be my go-to for hand-sewn detail. It’s a fairly easy and sometimes quick stitch (not as quick when executed at eye-level).

Each strand covers half of the umbrella’s perimeter, so two are needed. Luckily, I hoard lighting and recently discovered that clearance sales also happen prior to Christmas for summer deck lighting. I have four of these strand, with plans for the other two over on the arbor/pergola on the other side of the garden.

I am one-third around the perimeter after the first session.

Details on how I tie-dyed the table can be found here.

Overall, I quite pleased. The position was semi-shaded to start and the umbrella blocks the remaining sun for most of the day. I plan to extend the pavers to the wildflower patch on the right (seen in the first to photos) to provide a home for the firewood that has been junking up the garden.

Moving onward on the journey of creating our patchworked, hand-made wabi-sabi home.

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