expanding the garden

I made a good starting effort toward reclaiming more of the garden lot last weekend by raking out branches from the back corner before the invasive weeds filled in.

Today, I cleared out weeds, broke up the ground, and began terrancing a path up to the retaining wall level. I also started migrating some plants from other beds.

I started with daylilies and walking onions. There is a clump of wild garlic I would like to rescue from the grassy area of the garden, and there are wild onions in the front of the house I’d like to add…

The area in front of the daylilies will hold more daylilies, but I’m also planning to sow some zinnias there.

My relationship with our garden is definitely mending from last year’s difficulties and neglect. I feel good about the work. I feel good about the results.

I feel good about the trajectory…

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