further progress…

Weekend No. 3 waking up the garden. My relationship with the garden is mending from last year’s break… Perennials continue to fill in, more veggies are getting sown…

In addition to cleaning up and clearing out beds, I sowed a good bunch of seeds today as well. They were packaged and sold for planting in 2022, but they never saw dirt last year. So, it is a gamble this year. I hope they are still viable.

Starting with the food, I soaked long bean and okra seeds last night – two types of each, prepping them for planting. Both are planted in staggered rows, the beans against the trellis, the okra down the middle of the bed:

In the old lemon balm contaminated brassica bed, I sowed two packages of a dwarf stock color mix, a blue and a black-purple bachelor button, and some chamomile. I also transplanted some gifted bearded iris. Long-term plan is to encourage the self seeding flowers in the bed to break the boundaries of the bed and spread into the walkways, giving a planned overgrown/take-over feel to the flower side of the garden.

In the far back of the garden, at the edges of the quite established Lilyfest stage, I added some color and plant variety. A small path of blue bachelor buttons, a varigated purple and lavender phlox, and a color mix of Dutch iris join last years liatris as backups to the main event of Lilyfest.

Last night was what I hope was our last frost of the season. I covered the tomato beds with sheets to keep them safe. One of the Green Zebra plants has some frost damage, but everything else looks great, growing right along.

And here’s some miscellaneous garden updates:

And Saturday, during some dandelion removal, I had a most magnificient experience: pure, transcendant joy.

Look at that perfect root!

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