untangling the overgrowth

Last year was rough for the garden. My old position at work required so much overtime that very little was planted in time. When season ended and the summer heat arrived, I was so angry about the shit life-work balance I had that I took it out on the garden, lacking the motivation to endure the heat for so little yield.

This is what I started with a few weeks ago:

And following two weekends of fairly invested light-to-medium-duty work things are clearly improving:

tomatoes (Cherokee purple, genuwine,
san marzano, black brandywine, black cherry,
and chocolate cherry)
tomatoes (green zebra, pineapple, old german, yellow pear) and tomatillos in the far bed…
an early tease of lilyfest ’23, with last year’s plant debris cleared away
lilies start their climb upward
flower beds are beginning to expand across the back edge of the garden lot

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