a wee bit cordial

I don’t bring home much Wexford these days. I do always look for it, mostly since I have the experience of finding at least one piece at every thrift store I enter, but I leave it behind because (this is hard for me to say) I have enough. *gasp*

Our last holiday open house (pre-pandemic) taught me that we could serve everything (food and drink) in Wexford and still have presentable displays in our hutches and glass cabinets, five in total.

This helped with my understanding of the volume at hand. Things like extra barware/glassware are stored in bins in the basement, allowing me opportunity to over-buy…

That said, certain pieces are harder to find. And some of those rarer pieces we use everyday, like the iced tea glasses. And they occasionally get dropped and broken, so those I buy whenever I find them at a thrifty price.

This brings us to the cordial, the tiniest of the Wexford glassware:

the cordial, alongside the iced tea glass

The Wexford cordial is rare in thrift stores and expensive online. I am accustomed to finding them one-at-a-time or as pairs, over the past ten years have gathered barely more than a dozen.

detail of the 4.5″ stemmed cordial

Until yesterday. I went to a more out-of-the-way Goodwill and checked through the glassware to no avail. In the checkout, an end cap display caught my attention and I noticed a Wexford “Jeannie”-styled decanter, so I left the line to investigate.

filling out the shelf with the new haul

Total score: ten Wexford cordial glasses! (I left the eleventh behind because the pressing of the base was defective. )

the gathered cordials from the past ten years…

And since it was a Goodwill, all glassware is a standard price of $.69 apiece. I will not leave a deal like that behind.

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