reflecting the past

I used to thrift to find things that fit my style. On occasion, I fit my style to things I find thrifting. Yesterday was such a moment: I have a small variety of light covers and reflectors, but I don’t recall having seen any so large or so specifically not holiday themed as these. I […]

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it’s a sockness

Obsession, amusement, sickness. Let’s go with sockness. This has been creeping up on me for over three years now, the last two with a partner that full embraces and enables my obsession. (Almost a foot shorter than me, the only clothes we can share are neckties and socks…)

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eldredge revisited

I give to you a photo I forgot to post awhile back; a more successful capture of the Eldredge knot: I do enjoy this knot, even considering the limitations of its usage. Or perhaps due to such limitations. I do enjoy rules applied to my journey through life… Journey on, my lovelies!

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the week in review

Winter brings layers and layers mix up all sorts of textures. I have been having some fun. Allow me to share: I have found myself looking for a reason to strap on a tie. It’s a good space for me; I’m glad I found it. Journey on, my lovelies!

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picking out patterns

When a man has an entire room for a closet, at some point limits have to be set. With sixteen feet of hanging bar for shirts alone, only so many of them can be solid blue before I can no longer stand it.  From this point on, any shirts have to be of such quality […]

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glen squared

A glen plaid shirt and a matching glen plaid tie…? Absolutely! The tie has been hanging on my wall for awhile now; the shirt showed up just a bit ago. When I realized the two were such a good match, I tingled. Honestly. Linen for the heat of summer, and silk for it’s surface and […]

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the essential value of valeting

“One reason – a very great one – why the English gentleman is so much better dressed, on less money usually, than the American, is that the former is perfectly valeted (even though he perform this office himself), while the latter more often than not hasn’t the least idea what proper valeting means. First of […]

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“what is Real?” asked the Rabbit…

Years back, shortly after my experience with cancer and chemotherapy, an on-line acquaintance re-introduced me to a passage from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. It was a brilliant allegory to the inward awakening I experienced during chemotherapy, as well as a statement of the trend toward superficiality and youth culture in the gay community… […]

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