the week in review

Winter brings layers and layers mix up all sorts of textures. I have been having some fun. Allow me to share:

monday luncheon 01 - low-res
lunch @ grandma’s
a kiki and a wifi 01 - low-res
out for a kiki and wifi
nuggety vest 03 - low-res
lunchtime casual
grey and warm 01 - low-res
out for a sushi lunch

grey and warm 02 - low-res

weekday thrifting 01 - low-res
weekday afternoon thrifting

weekday thrifting detail 01 - low-res

lunch with friends 01 - low-res
dressing to match a scarf. seriously.

lunch with friends detail 01 - low-res

I have found myself looking for a reason to strap on a tie. It’s a good space for me; I’m glad I found it.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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