picking out patterns

When a man has an entire room for a closet, at some point limits have to be set. With sixteen feet of hanging bar for shirts alone, only so many of them can be solid blue before I can no longer stand it.  From this point on, any shirts have to be of such quality to replace one I have, or some stripe or plaid or pattern that I do not yet have.

So, allow me to share some of my recent finds in the way of dress shirts:

the new additions
the new additions

Patterns are difficult to find when one has a 36/37 sleeve length. Most fun patterned shirts are generic sizes (m/l/xl) versus specific sizes, which most often don’t include tall sizes… but lately, the local thrifts have opened up their magic portals and have given up the goods. Such greats things in my closet!

Journey on, my lovelies!

2 thoughts on “picking out patterns

  1. It is difficult if one has a nonstandard body (although that is an awkward way of putting it!). My solution has been to sew my own shirts and waistcoats whenever possible. I’m working my way up to trousers and plus-fours.

    1. Understood. And patterned shirts are difficult for me, since they are rarely offered in a tall size. I have the longest sleeve length regularly found on a rack.

      I tailor my clothes, and only some, I do not often make from scratch… not clothing, anyway. more power to you for that!


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