glen squared

A glen plaid shirt and a matching glen plaid tie…? Absolutely!

plaid and plaid and print and linen and linen and silk

The tie has been hanging on my wall for awhile now; the shirt showed up just a bit ago. When I realized the two were such a good match, I tingled.


plaid on plaid with print and print

Linen for the heat of summer, and silk for it’s surface and strength. These things have taken their place alongside leather for me. Not capital ‘L’ Leather, but the material itself. A snug, well-made wool trouser leg stretching across my thigh as I walk, the feel of a tie tightening about my neck, starched linen or cotton moving across my skin… All of these things excite me exactly the same as walking across the bar for the first time in my leather chaps all those years ago.

For the thought, I don’t consider any of this as a replacement, so much as an expansion… more textile joys as I travel on through my life.

Journey on, my lovelies!

5 thoughts on “glen squared

  1. Well! My pal, the infamous photographer Mark Chester, turned me on to you. I do believe we’re cut from the same cloth. So to speak.

  2. gorgeous as usual 🙂 Such great style and I love the fact that you’re living and dressing purposefully. That takes skill and talent. I have a question for you but am not sure where to ask it. It is regarding classic boxers – the non elastic waist boxers with the wide waist band and buttons. Any idea where to find them?

    1. I have occasionally run across them on ebay and in the odd vintage clothing store, but it has only been randomly. Someone recently mentioned to me that some mens’ clothier still styles them that way, but I do not recall. perhaps Brooks Brothers…?

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