the making of a crazy bunny

Last night, I was crazy as a bunny in April. Er, um, I mean, mad as a hare in March.

one crazy bunny

I had an invitation to a tea party, from one hatter of questionable sanity. As soon as I opened the invitation, I got as mad as a March Hare. Or something of the sort…

Of course, I took some process shots. I hadn’t painted my face for Halloween for some time… I give to you now the making of a crazy bunny:

making crazy bunny 01 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 02 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 03 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 04 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 05 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 06 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 07 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 08 - low-resmaking crazy bunny 09 - low-res

I can say that I have always enjoyed the costuming of Halloween, but I often tire of the energy needed to maintain a character. going into this year, I was hesitant of the March Hare, I mean, playing a bat-shit crazy all night..? Bother. Then I slipped in the buck teeth and all these exshtra esses ssshlipped right out. Bamm! Instant crazy.
It was a grand time. I also won a thirty dollar bar tab for my trouble. I should consider crazy more often as I travel through my life…

Journey on, my lovelies!

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