pushing past the mood

It may be easy to notice that dapperkink has been light on content recently. A move last year left me in a space in dire need of attention. So much so, that I don’t even have a decent backdrop for photo-shoots. This has been halting me from documenting anything in terms of my evolving personal style.

No more. So apologies now for any lack of styling in the surrounding, but I have deemed it necessary to document the clothing, even if the remainder of the image is lacking. So, here we go:

back in the saddles
back in the saddles

The event: going out for last call after work last week. Allow me to paint the picture. I get home from work (typically around 12:30 am), strip out of my work clothes, shower, dress and head out for a cocktail. This is a going-out-for-an-hour outfit. To note: I despise being out in public in my work clothes.

The saddle shoes have been around for a bit without much wear; I only recently found the perfect navy trousers to give them a great pairing.

So, I vow here and now to push through my freeze on sartorial content as I journey through the disaster of fixing up a house. This I give you as a gift for the holidays and going onward.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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