light it up, part 2

“I’m quite aware of how ridiculous I am.” – Albert Goldman, The Birdcage There are three distinct whites in LED lighting: pure, warm, and cool. This is the first time I have ever used more than one in the same place. I wouldn’t call it intentional. The faceted C9 LEDs in any decent bulb count […]

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light the place up!

While I’ve had trees up inside for over a month, exterior decorations are different. Our family always lit the exterior of the house on Thanksgiving weekend, and I like keeping to that tradition. I admit I’ve never started on Thanksgiving Day. Until today. Two exciting thing this year: First, I found the large LED lightbulb […]

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unicorns and glass walls

Be a unicorn: The teal tree that started the unicorn tree last year really needs to be the bedroom tree, so I was on the market for a new unicorn. I’ve always had pink in mind, but the one that set that tone disappeared from the market. Well, from the affordable market. The teal tree […]

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therapy: day two

Holiday decorating soothes me. It is a happy place. I’d say more so than gardening, as it reflects all of those years as a floral designer. I had an epiphany yesterday. I have always enjoyed making. I have always enjoyed Christmas decorating. As a florist, I’d put in sixty hour weeks in the warehouse dressing […]

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in for a pound…

No more putzing. No more restlessness. No more waiting for 2020 to pass farther by… I’m not quite ready to put up trees; still some big things to shuffle for the season. So I started with the mantle. This is the second year for our expanded collection of Dept 56 All Through the House series […]

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make the yuletide gay

Kansas City got its first winter storm early this year, at least, early for my time spent here. The Sunday following Thanksgiving, our wabi-sabi cottage and gardens were covered with four to five inches of snow. Hoping to stay ahead of the storm, I got the house ready for the Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. […]

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