light it up: final chapter?

Today got into the upper sixties, so I picked up a couple more multi-outlet plugs to complete our outdoor display.

I wasn’t happy with how the garden lighting looked separate from the house, I think, stemming from the natural cedar tone of the fence.

I also split outlets to finally let me light the forsythia with the purple globe LEDs I picked up two years ago.

I also picked up one more RBG projector. I found one sized to cover the entire facade of our house, allowing me to move the original projectors down to the fence.

I also added a final white C-9 strand to the upper yard (although I ran short on bulb stakes).

There was a point, as a teenager, when my parents gave me the latitude to put up every strand I wanted to, as long as I did all the climbing and rigging.

This is the memory I am channeling into our holiday lighting. So many of our choices in our home and garden are built upon the family memories of the two of us.

So, with the exception of staking out the last C-9, I present to you our Holiday Hobbit House 2020:

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