pre-post-holiday newbies

For a few years, I’ve seen a trend of early holiday clearance sales. Ages ago, I used to stock up for next Christmas in January at seventy-five percent off. Now, it’s fifty percent in mid-December. I’m good with it.

Tonight, getting hardware for the last round of bead garland, I might have acquired a few more.

The Newbies:

I’ll admit, I have an obsession with food and food-adjacent ornaments. The idea of foodie social media pix setting the curve for a generation of holiday decorations leaves me giggling…

ice cream truck!
I’m not sure what the glittery pink waffle topping is, but the waffle is gorgeous!
bento box sushi! with chopsticks!
for my husband…
french fries, for the cheeseburgers
taco tuesday is on the tree!

Over the past few weeks, I picked up a few others that haven’t previously been mentioned:

a big robot for my husband
a new santa for me. he’s fuzzy…
and a rainbow twist cone
for the unicorn tree

Bonus: the ice cream truck at home on the unicorn tree…

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