nitpicky and curiosity

Today, while making room in the basement for garden furniture, I found the rest of my light stakes, so I tidied up the C-9 bulbs outlining the beds in front of the fence.

I feel much better.

tonight, after staking stray bulbs
earlier in the weekend, prior to finding the extra bulb stakes


Christmas is saved!!!

Also, some funky stuff is going on between the new LED walkway lights and my camera:

when I photograph the walkway lights
from any distance, the “bulbs” themselves appear white even as the reflections on the grass appears fairly accurate
as the camera approaches any of the lights, all of them show non-white colors
(although the third color is royal blue
and not purple)
back away a bit from the prior photo
and the nearest “bulb” has just a border
of color around the edge,
all the rest have returned to white…

My husband has told me that the colors of LEDs are determined by quantum effect, and I’m left wandering what exactly is happening between the lights and my phone’s camera lens…

One thought on “nitpicky and curiosity

  1. The lights are so brote that the max out the photo sensor and it just registers as white. I’ve been watching the old black and white episodes of Dark Shadows and the candles in Barnabas’ house do the same thing to the camera, except they then show a black halo around the white candle flame.

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