picking out patterns

When a man has an entire room for a closet, at some point limits have to be set. With sixteen feet of hanging bar for shirts alone, only so many of them can be solid blue before I can no longer stand it.  From this point on, any shirts have to be of such quality […]

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fancy dress occasion

Last night was an opportunity to dress to the nines. Well, these days, any night is a reason for that… I found a great pair of Doc Marten saddle oxfords, and focused on them for the entire ensemble. The jacket is a dark grey wool by Jos A Bank; the trousers a black and white […]

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tying the knot anew

A friend posted a link to a how-to over on Facebook. I was curious. It is called the Eldredge knot. It has limits as to the pattern that can be used with it; the smaller, the better. Here’s the how-to, over on black lapel.

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the week in review

So, I have indeed started documenting again. A good start… And now, a review of last week: Coming up at the end of the week: my annual trip home for the holidays. Conveniently enough, that also means a visit with the Man of Importance. Safe travels as you journey on, my lovelies!

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pushing past the mood

It may be easy to notice that dapperkink has been light on content recently. A move last year left me in a space in dire need of attention. So much so, that I don’t even have a decent backdrop for photo-shoots. This has been halting me from documenting anything in terms of my evolving personal […]

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glen squared

A glen plaid shirt and a matching glen plaid tie…? Absolutely! The tie has been hanging on my wall for awhile now; the shirt showed up just a bit ago. When I realized the two were such a good match, I tingled. Honestly. Linen for the heat of summer, and silk for it’s surface and […]

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at the valet. hey!

Allow me to introduce the newest addition to the dressing room: Purchased from a local friend in a downsize to her new place. *wrings hands* Bwahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa! Eh-hem. Sorry. It needs love and attention, but I am quite giddy to have it. Oh, happy days! I am one step closer to keeping myself properly valeted. Journey […]

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looking back: fancy dress party

Oh, how I love the occasion for fancy dress! I have spent a noticeable amount of the last three years making reasons to dress-up. Some time back, I met this most delicious creature, on a handful of occasions. We were kindred, and we knew so in that first moment. Her name was Amy; she was […]

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two x twos

Sometimes, textiles offer the perfect pause from a challenging week. This evening, I luxuriated in my dandelion patch to let go of the exhaustion of the week. And by ‘dandelion patch’, I mean huge pile of silk neckties… Journey on, my lovelies!

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the essential value of valeting

“One reason – a very great one – why the English gentleman is so much better dressed, on less money usually, than the American, is that the former is perfectly valeted (even though he perform this office himself), while the latter more often than not hasn’t the least idea what proper valeting means. First of […]

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