our wabi-sabi cottage

we have had our little hobbit house for about a year and a half, living in it for just over a year. it is perfect for us. it needs help, it needs work. it has cracks, and chips, and wounds from its lengthening life, but so do we. we will love it, tend to it, patch it, but we also want to embrace and feature the beauty of the flaws that come from being lived in.

our wabi-sabi cottage, for this wabi-sabi dandy, and his wabi-sabi husband.

original color during scraping, let’s call it gross-uncomfortable-blue-that-most-likely-was-found-on-a-reject-shelf-by-the-previous-owner, painful to view in full sun.
the new house color, I call it periwinkle, and it is perfection.

I have for a long period of time adored the color periwinkle, that perfect blend of blue, lavender, and grey. this color lives in all of that glorious space; lavender in the morning and evening, blue in the full sun, and grey in the shadows cast during the day.

the red doors are a gift for my husband. the color breathes life into him. it is an easy price to pay to get a periwinkle house, which I never realized I wanted and needed.

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the screen porch is advancing, and will soon be a glorious part of our life, overlooking the new side garden, which is already filling with butterflies, finches, and hummingbirds.

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so many projects to finish, and to start. and posts to catch you all up.

I have journeyed home, my lovelies, stumbling upon it the moment I convinced myself it was impossible to find.

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