our wabi-sabi cottage

we have had our little hobbit house for about a year and a half, living in it for just over a year. it is perfect for us. it needs help, it needs work. it has cracks, and chips, and wounds from its lengthening life, but so do we. we will love it, tend to it, […]

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“what is Real?” asked the Rabbit…

Years back, shortly after my experience with cancer and chemotherapy, an on-line acquaintance re-introduced me to a passage from The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. It was a brilliant allegory to the inward awakening I experienced during chemotherapy, as well as a statement of the trend toward superficiality and youth culture in the gay community… […]

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that darned sweater!

A recent visitor showed me a few tailoring tricks; I hope to stretch them a long way in catching up with my mending and alterations… First off the needle: a green Aran sweater that I saved from a thrift store years ago. It cost a quarter and was full of holes, but the yarn and […]

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