lighting the path

The solar chandelier needed new solar lamps. I found such a great deal at Big Lots!, a box of ten for thirty. The chandelier needs a new home, since solar edison bulbs are going up in the pergola and will be bright enough to prevent the chandelier from lighting. I liked the pathway lights so […]

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the final invasion

The temperature climbed just enough. The snow is packable again! The frozen cephalopod broke through the surface of the crisp peaceful snow, laying siege to the ship on the surface, but the snow-crew was not caught unprepared. They learned from their mates’ demises in the previous attack those two years back. The harpoons were kept […]

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return of the snow squid-ish

Yesterday, we got four to five inches of perfect, fluffy, wet, packing snow. I clear our walks and drive, specifically piling all the removed snow onto our retaining wall. I packed a good part of it down as I went and took some time to crave out some basic shapes. Unfortunately, today is colder and […]

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let it – finally – snow

*whew* We almost made it through the entire holiday lighting season without a single day of snow. And what fun would that be? This year I added LED C-9s on ground stakes bordering some of the flower beds. This morning’s snow was enough to completely cover the faceted bulb caps, which is a neat effect. […]

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light it up, part 2

“I’m quite aware of how ridiculous I am.” – Albert Goldman, The Birdcage There are three distinct whites in LED lighting: pure, warm, and cool. This is the first time I have ever used more than one in the same place. I wouldn’t call it intentional. The faceted C9 LEDs in any decent bulb count […]

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light the place up!

While I’ve had trees up inside for over a month, exterior decorations are different. Our family always lit the exterior of the house on Thanksgiving weekend, and I like keeping to that tradition. I admit I’ve never started on Thanksgiving Day. Until today. Two exciting thing this year: First, I found the large LED lightbulb […]

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everything but the gates…

I took advantage of a late Saturday afternoon to finish out the panels on the garden fence. The short panels were decidedly more complicated to fit, since both dimensions had to be cut down from the original 4×8 sheet. The slope down from the driveway has been a challenge throughout the project. Originally, I thought […]

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weekend no. 3:

My job has ramped into overtime to resolve the order fulfillment issues created by the shutdown. Therefore, the third weekend working on the fence is really just Sunday, and only Sunday late afternoon because: damned hot… I finished routing the rail boards, and installed all but those for the gates that aren’t yet hung, including […]

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from yawning to AAWWW-ning

The previous life, death, and rebirth of a tattered old awning: Below is the house as we bought it three and a half years ago. The sad, beige, paint-splattered aluminum awning did it’s job well, but otherwise sat there with no joy. Some of the hardware was removed to drop it out of the way […]

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