the lost joke of subtlety

Running gags can be absolutely hilarious. Until, of course, they have to be explained. So, maybe, just maybe, our running joke is too subtle. We are at a disadvantage with having no houseguests this holiday season, and we have only had a few occasions to post extra photos of ST:TCT. So, here is the gag for recorded posterity:

ST:TCT as presented on november 7

Please note the two official Hallmark Keepsake Tribble ornaments: the original 2019 release, and the significantly redder exclusive 2020 comic con release…

Cue: faux fur pom pons from Michael’s for knitting projects that are conveniently tribble ornament sized and available in numerous canon and non-canon colors… Every few days, I added a handful of tribble-adjacent poms to the tree or scatter them about, but there wasn’t much reason for continually posting about ST:TCT, so who could see it. It sure tickled our fancy, though…

ST:TCT prior to last night’s additions… notice a handful of fuzzy puffballs strewn about the tree

But Christmas Day is really it, isn’t it? And I had fallen out of tracking the gag, or even taking photos of ST:TCT as all… So, all in for Christmas Day, right?

ST:TCT as it currently stands, fuzzy invasion in full force

Please note that the fauz tribbles follow proper tribble behavior:

tribbles clearly do not like klingons, they keep a wide birth from lt. worf
in opposition, the furry things still adore lt. uhura, as if anyone wouldn’t!
once they hit a large enough numbers, they start threaten to harm important enterprise systems,
like the transporter pattern bufferers and eps manifold
you’ll easily note the younger generation’s trend to buck tradition
and flaunt bold new looks using brazen colors

2 thoughts on “the lost joke of subtlety

  1. I love it! That’s worth an “every year tradition” repeat. Merry Trekmas, you guys!!

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