it is back!

ST:TCT The Storytellers™ are complete this year, Bones and Chekov now joining the set. Some lighting issues surfaced this year, so we have varied white tones and brightness. I’ll likely need to relight the entire tree next year. Also, at some point, I need to wrap or paint power cords, but my husband is once […]

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ST:TCT 2021

Star Trek: The Christmas Tree graces our home for another year, adding to its grandeur ornaments from ST:PIC, the storyteller collection, ST:SFS and a bonus addition. Clearly, we already have a tribble problem and it isn’t even December yet… We have both official Hallmark releases plus a batch of faux fur poms from Michael’s last […]

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ST:TCT addendum

I found something. Rather, I found some things. Nine out of ten things. They will fit in nicely: I first learned about the ornaments from Star Trek: The Experience from this blog post, which is the same blog I followed to track down the earlier Keepsake ornaments when I first started ST:TCT. The Gorn was […]

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keepsake premiere

Today was Hallmark’s Keepsake ornament premiere. Star Trek’s storyteller series is expanding. Today was Mirror Mirror Mr. Spock: He joins the three released last year, all from the Mirror, Mirror episode of the original series. The Ensign Chekov storyteller will debut in October… Presumably, Dr. McCoy and Montgomery Scott storytellers will complete the set in […]

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the lost joke of subtlety

Running gags can be absolutely hilarious. Until, of course, they have to be explained. So, maybe, just maybe, our running joke is too subtle. We are at a disadvantage with having no houseguests this holiday season, and we have only had a few occasions to post extra photos of ST:TCT. So, here is the gag […]

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make it so…

ST:TCT Year three: This year: trading “planetary bodies” for “space ice”… And introducing: Star Trek Storytellers. Nearly all series represented: Nothing yet from Picard or Lower Decks, both shows being released after 2020 ornament designs were announced. Some movies are in the mix as well: The reboot movies all have ships on the tree as […]

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