the spice of life

I found a Corningware Spice of Life lasagna pan.


I didn’t even know there was a Corningware Spice of Life lasagna pan.

Of course, it might be the roasting pan…

It necessitated a reorganizing of Corningware Cupboard™, so here we are!

the milk glass shakers

I thrifted the entire pile, mostly actually for cooking. I once found the milk glass vinegar and oil cruets, but left them on the shelf because “I only want the cookware.” Then I found and bought the milk glass shakers and condiment pumps…

the milk glass condiment pumps

So, now I have to hunt for another set of cruets.

In the past couple years, thrift prices for Corningware has jumped to the “do I need it that badly” range, but patience pays off. The lasagna pan was a total steal.

One thought on “the spice of life

  1. Walt has some of those, too. The square casserole dishes (1 1/2 qt and 2 qt I think) and the little skillet shaped thing and the two that are like the skillet but smaller and deeper (with clear lids for the last two and the casserole dishes).

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