additional spice of life

My collecting grows in spurts. I like to browse online and regularly check thrift stores, but there are inevitably moments where availability of things I collect simply opens the floodgates, and maybe I over-indulge my obsessions. Maybe. Recently, I decided I wanted to expand our CorningWare Spice of Life collection into the milkglass Gemco pieces. […]

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the things I don’t know

Nobody told me that Spice of Life Corningware had loaf pans! Having recently found the 9×13 baking dish, I knew there were likely more pieces I haven’t seen. Knowing this, I plan to move to replace our ordinary modern pyrex baking pans with Spice of Life.

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the spice of life

I found a Corningware Spice of Life lasagna pan. I FOUND A CORNINGWARE SPICE OF LIFE LASAGNA PAN! I didn’t even know there was a Corningware Spice of Life lasagna pan. Of course, it might be the roasting pan… It necessitated a reorganizing of Corningware Cupboardā„¢, so here we are! I thrifted the entire pile, […]

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