fall redo, plus stuff

To all the brassicae pests nibbling up our fall bed, I offer up to you a big, giant “F-U”!

Bugs have picked clean my first attempt of a fall garden. So I am stepping it up:

the first replanted fall bed, with red waterline hose and connectors for hoop stakes…
contents of the first bed, front to back

The potatoes are still a midsummer experiment, but the ones that sprouted are still growing:

These native wildflowers (of which I can never remember the name) have been blooming since mid-April. They draw pollinators, they feed finches. They are pushing six feet, if they didn’t collapse on themselves.

Every year, I sow parsley so that swallowtail butterflies have food for their young. This year, two patches returned from last year, plus the new patch. Nevermind that all the caterpillars are chomping down on our carrot tops. It’s fine, really. We’ll find a use for the parsley…

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