brad’s atomic grape

The most intriguing tomato I have grown is Brad’s Atomic Grape tomato.

Two years ago was the first try, and I lost all the tomatoes I had started from seed.

Last year I had better results with my “from seed” efforts, and I got four sturdy healthy plants. Then we had long, dry periods of high heat, and most of the B.A.G.s split open on the vine; big, deep, gaping splits that tended to lose the insides.

The handful we got were massive and tasty with a beautiful bite and texture.

This year, I didn’t plan to grow any considering the past difficulties, but we found two volunteers growing in odd spots. One has produced nothing but a lot of leaves, but the other is producing a steady modest supply.

They start green with white streaks. As sunlight hits them, the black-purple shows up. The orange and red show up as they ripen, although some ripen and remain mostly green.

As a gay man that loves color, and is driven to grow things outside their normal color boundaries, Brad’s Atomic Grape tomato is an excellent candidate for our garden!

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