the big, big tree…

The long holiday weekend without a packed schedule allowed me to compress a three-day process into two days.

I present to you the big, big tree:

The new ornament roster:

Kris Kringle and Topper



Sam the Snowman:

Little Cindy Lou Who:


This one I customized with a white paint pen to celebrate our gorgeous, brilliant, and crazy Lulu coming into our life this year:

The first graham cracker s’more I like…


Linser cookie:

A pair of gift-wrapped puppies:

A christmas tree:

Mermaid on the half-shell:


Adding to the beer collection:

Sewing gadgets:


Ma-ma-ma-my friend Yoda:

This one is essentially our front door rendered in glass, how do I pass that up…?

Santa as the man-in-the-moon:

Responsible Santa:

The Love Bus™

We need one of these on every tree:

According to my husband, we’ll never have enough robots…

Just hanging around the christmas tree:

Krampus just showed up last night. He’s so awesome, can’t beat that with a stick!

I thrifted two old light strands with a total of twenty of these frosted, plastic pinecones. I learned from last year’s poinsettia experience that these light reflectors are rare finds.

I discarded the light strands and slipped these over color-changing LEDs on the big tree and, wow-oh-wow, do they ever amplify light!

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