it’s not heavy, it’s our tree skirt

Catching up on the holiday decor, I present to you the completed tree skirt:

Seventy-three silk neckties, a couple hundred Swarovski crystal rhinestones, various glass beads, and tassels.

It speaks in whispers of so many ancient things: lace collars, Renaissance finery, luscious hand-sewn heirloom…

Rich golds frame muted holiday hues and anchor the massive heap of glittered glass, the flickering lights dancing from crystal to crystal.

The tree skirt holds at least forty hours of gratifying handwork. A bright red blanket stitch provides contrast to the muted silk prints.

Multi-colored tassels with brass accents adorn the overskirt woven from the narrow ends of the neckties.

I’m wholly pleased with this year’s hand-made entry into our holiday collection. It joins the well-established maximalism of our little wabi-sabi cottage’s extreme holiday manifestation.

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