thrifty christmas in july

I’ve been avoiding thrift stores as much as everything else through the pandemic, having gone only a handful of times in the past year and a half.

Today, I cleared out some boxes from our front room and carted them off to Goodwill. And if I’m already there… I might miss a rare Wexford find.

But really what I would have missed was a small heap of blown glass ornaments. All of them were vehicles of some sort (except for glitter jumpsuit Elvis!) and a few had Santa behind the wheel.

Four bags in total had eight to twelve ornaments each. One bag had one dozen of the adorable tiny ornaments pictured here. They measure about one inch long.

I packed up the big ornaments, making a Christmas morning moment out of opening that box toward the end of the year.

These tiny ones, though, I dealt with them immediately! I have a pair of faux vintage featheresque-styled trees. I’ve had them for ages and never really utilized them until last year.

I put the smallest blown glass ornaments I had on them, but didn’t have enough for one per branch. Now I do… I’ve been working to design storage that would allow me to keep them decorated and safe in storage.

What a great find for today! I almost forgot about all-year thrifting for ornaments. Almost.

Merry July!

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