the obsession grows

So begins the next evolution of our garden: indoor starter space. I am following the “Don’t let perfect get in the way of better” approach. For now it is a small steel table against the south wall of the basement, but it is a few steps up from taking half of our in-high-demand counter space in our tiny kitchen.

Two in-sequence LED full spectrum grow lights provide the lighting. On the way here are two warming mats. Once they are here, I’ll start the peppers. I have found them difficult and have yet to get any pepper to sprout without something warming the seedling tray.

Sowed tonight: tomatoes and eggplant, six varieties at three each and five varieties at four each, respectively.

tomatoes: thorburn’s terra-cotta, those purple ones, white cherry, yellow pear, large barred boar, black cherry
eggplant: casper, chinese string, antiqua, nagasaki long, edirne purple striped

Already planted outside: radishes (pink beauty, red meat-“watermelon”, and Chinese shawo fruit radish), golden beets, volunteer carrots from last year (likely cosmic purple or amarillo-yellow) and three varieties of Swiss chard (vulcan-red, oriole orange, and five color silverbeet).

Still to go, a bed and a half of brassicae, a broad mix of the extensive cabbage family. I’m just waiting for a break in the rain. I don’t mind the mud, but the paper seed packets don’t like the rain…

Continuing from last year, we plan to over-produce as much as possible, donating or giving away the surplus. With the packaging of seeds and the needs of a single household, excess is built in to gardening. We have had a relatively small margin of loss growing from seed, so planting everything that fits seems an easy choice for a world in crisis. Do you garden? Do you grow food? Do you have room to squeeze in an extra row, an extra bed?

Big things can come out of small steps.

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