the big, big tree topper

The topper for The Big, Big Tree is my all time favorite holiday thing found on deep post-holiday clearance.

I don’t remember exactly when I found it, but it was at least fifteen years or so. I found it at a K-mart, ninety percent off on the last tiny little table of Christmas decorations. I think it ended up being less than three dollars.

It also represents my breaking away from decorating snobbery. It was the first significant plastic thing and the first animated thing I ever owned for Christmas…

It also came with a base, so it can be a tabletop decoration instead of treetop, which I opted for the first few years. I loved that the light-up translucent globe remind me of the etched globe mug of that coffee commercial. It captivated me immediately, even if it took years for me to strap it to a tree. Now, I can’t imagine something replacing it.

It is also what led me to frankenstein together the pieces of the topper for ST:TCT.

So, I present to you The Big, Big Tree Topper:

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