the gbgc ’20 how-to: beaded segment

The first stage of the Great Beaded Garland Caper is to make individual beaded segments. Hundreds and hundreds of beaded segments…

the essentials: round-nose pliers, eye pins, head pins

Using the pre-cut, pre-formed eye pins speed up the process. I have made my own from spooled wire. Head pins need to be purchased and are for dangly bits; eye pins will connect to other segments on both ends.

I fit a bead pattern to the pin length, and produce as many duplicates as my bead supplies allow. For this project, I’ll likely kept each eye pin segment symmetrical.

After beading the pin, I roll the straight wire into an eye. Then I grip the opposite side of the eye and bend it to center.

And then I drop it in a bin and make another twenty-plus more…

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