flora and fauna

I present to you: things in the garden, from the past two weeks…

unexpected late summer clematis
monarch in the fall clematis (there is milkweed vine woven in, which might help)
transplanted sage (5 years old),
thriving in it’s new home
blackberry lily seed pods
yellow garden spiders have set up shop, dotted across our garden
nasturtium, recovering
from high heat burn-out
coreopsis, from a parent
planted five years ago
the native flower whose name I always forget
swamp milkweed (?) splitting pods
our first monarch caterpillar
common buckeye butterflies
on carrot flowers
black swallowtail caterpillar
in the carrot greens
early russian cuke, showing up very late
our sunflower forest,
all birdfeeder volunteers
fall clematis in full bloom
soldier beetle in the clematis
nasty nasty blister beetle,
it went directly into the soapy bucket
of death after the photo
a rebound blooming of butterfly weed
our final round of tomatoes will be massive, will they get ripe or be harvested green?
blue-winged wasps on the wild garlic,
with ermine moth to the lower left,
and soldier beetle in the upper right.

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