sowing autumn

I wanted two beds for fall harvest, and the beets and carrots are still going, so… I built another bed yesterday, picked up more topsoil to fill it today.

I still have to clear the first bed of whatever garlic managed to grow (I planted it much too late this year), but I sowed the new bed tonight.

Coming this fall: two cabbages, a purple cauliflower, and three broccoli (two traditional plus Romanesco).

The same combination will go in the other bed. Additionally, the Autumn crop should included a second round of mustard greens and kale, and if the experiment succeeds, we’ll have a late crop of red, russet, and sweet potatoes.

We went into shutdown with the idea to maximize our garden for us, friends, and neighbors. Current conditions suggest we’re succeeding, even with the minor setbacks, delays and failures we have had…

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