day 42.5: cruciferousness plus chard

There is a reason so many vegetables are in the same family. My husband tells me cruciferious is being replaced by brassicae, but evoking crosses makes sense, especially when looking at young sprouts:

(Tapping any image will take you to the Baker Creek page with images of the mature veggie…)

this will be pink mizuna
this will be green wave mustard
this will be early purple vienna kohlrabi
this will be purple lady bok choy
this will be japanese giant red mustard
this will be russian red kale
this is the odd man out: oriole orange swiss chard, not part of the cruciferous family

I will add that the current garlic bed will become a brassicae bed in midsummer, for the less heat-tolerant varieties for a fall harvest (broccolis, cabbages and cauliflowers)…

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