sequestered, day 16:

Today in the garden was about pathways and moving flowers out of the way. Flowers that don’t require all the sunlight they currently get are slated to be moved into shadier spots as part of our greater goal to grow more food.

The Befores:

focusing on the pathway behind the back two 4×8 beds; the front currently packed with garlic, the back with a mix of radishes, beets, and carrots
started a couple weeks back, the southern fence-line bed is the perfect place for shade tolerant plants. by mid summer, these flowers will have all the sun they need as it moves overhead…

I started with the pathway, letting it mostly follow the topography it already had; shaving out the low spot, laying down barrier cloth, placing border rocks/debris. For the pathway itself, I’ve decided on alternating between pea gravel and patches of brick, giving myself a use for the pile of broken bricks left over from the squash/melon arbor.

The Afters:

the fence-line fills in with a mix of tubers and bulbs: daylilies, blackberry lilies, and asiatic lilies. the pathway takes shape
the hodge-podge border is comprised mostly of limestone (I think) -reclaimed from under our sidewalk when the gas company excavated for new lines – and busted up concrete uncovered in the side lot from its previous home’s demolition. filling in are bits of asphalt, brick, broken cinder block and pavers found as I continue to develop the garden…
I’m happy with the resulting look from insetting broken bricks in the pea gravel. it’s a great textural contrast and will help to unify different bits of the garden as a greater whole

My Little Helper:

this little guy was uncovered early on in my ground-cover removal. I see skinks regularly about the garden, but the juveniles are always a brilliant sight…

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