happy anniversary

Life is full, and hectic. and full of projects to make the new home photogenic, including Dressing Room 2.0…

December 29 was the first anniversary for me and my Boo. I wanted to get him a small something for the wardrobe he has been gracious enough to allow me to expand for him. I knew I wanted to get him personalized collar stays, but I sat on them for some time without knowing what to have etched onto them…

Of course, acknowledging his star trek-i-ness answered that for me.

space: the final frontier
space: the final frontier

I went with the gender diversified version from Star Trek: TNG. The opening narrative didn’t fill all twelve stays. The remaining three read: NCC-1701, NCC-1701-D, Make it so!

He squealed.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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