snow days, snow suits, snow dragons

Way back during Snowmageddon V2, I spent a few days with the truck plowed into its spot. So, tromping off through midtown I went, dressed like so:

how I deal with snow 02 - low-res

Shall we call this my snow suit…?

And while tromping about midtown, I stopped into one of my favored watering holes. During the stop, the neighboring bar laid down a snow sculpting challenge to the design student/bar manager. Of course, I stepped up to be his Second. The piling and shovelling commenced. The competition never even stepped outside to pile anything, but we produced this:

snow dragon 02 - low-ressnow dragon 01 - low-ressnow dragon 03 - low-res

It was a good day. The creature lasted exactly one day before the falling snow reclaimed it into a snow heap. And I now know how difficult it is to photograph snow…

I should mention that as I type this, Snowmaggedon V3 is building up force. I must journey home to prep for a long slow drive into work. Meh. Perhaps another snow day tomorrow.

Journey on, my lovelies!

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