today, in the garden:

Spring blooms have peaked and moved on. Join me on a stroll through our cattywampus garden to see what Early Summer has coaxed forth: The clematis is astonishing. The peonies are underway: The bearded iris have begun their display: Moving on into the garden:

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who knew…?

I was this week old when I learned that potato plants flower… These are blue fingerling potato plants. Last year was the first time I grew potatoes, but I planted them mid-summer for fall harvest. They struggled in the heat and never got big enough to flower. The deadly nightshade is gorgeous!

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what’s the ‘mater?

So… we had this volunteer tomato plant, random in the yard, that I transplanted into the second tomato bed. The plant grew massive, sporting tiny little fruit that took forever to grow. I found one with color today. First one off the plant in the second week of August. It’s that dimpled yellow one above… […]

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