a love letter to home…

Last Christmas, my sister got our parents each a digital photo frame. They have their own email addresses, so everyone in the family can send images of their lives direct to our folks. Today, I roamed the garden, shooting in 4:3 just to flood mom’s frame with our garden. Here’s the content:

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the great flower migration

Now that the garden’s fence is built, I need to develop flower beds in front of the fenceline. When we first bought our wabi-sabi cottage, we brought flowers with us from the old house. We also received a generous offer from my father-in-law to transplant any flowers we dug up from his farm. That brought […]

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portulaca! portulaca! portulaca!

The portulaca border is (mostly) stunning. On to the mostly bit: where the gate path drops a half step, the portulaca is decidedly not thriving. The stunted plants look healthy other than their relative size. There is no indication of overwatering, even less considering the slope continues downward past the path end. The division line […]

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